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Louisa County has so much to offer its citizens. We are a certified business location and it is important that we always try to Buy Local First. Almost everything you need you can now buy in Louisa County, thanks to Peebles, Lowes, and WalMart moving to our county. It is the hope of this department that Louisa also becomes a destination for recreation. Of course, we have the beautiful Lake Anna which brings people to our county from all over Virginia and our neighboring states, but for the locals, our Parks and Recreation department rivals those of much larger counties. We offer affordable after school and summer child care, sports programs for ages five through adult, fitness activities, and enrichment programs. Almost any need you have can be met...right here in Louisa County. So, in keeping with our slogan to Play Local, we would like for you to e-mail us a picture of you and your family 'playing local' and we will put it here on our website. Include your name and where you are. It does not have to be a Parks and Recreation event, it can be any photo of you enjoying the leisure and recreation Louisa has to offer. E-mail your photo to playlocal@louisa.org then check our website below for updates.

Louisa Residents Playing Local