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A Message From Director Jane Shelhorse

While standing in line at the grocery store, I glanced through an Oprah magazine and saw her column “What I know For Sure....” and it got me thinking about just what it is I know for sure. I’ve now been officially in the field of Parks and Recreation for thirty years, and as I look at Louisa County Parks, Recreation and Tourism through the eyes of someone with that kind of experience, this is “What I Know For Sure...” You can look all over the state at departments large and small, and you will not find a staff of more dedicated people than those we have here in Louisa. My staff loves their jobs, loves the community and the people that we serve.

Paula has been with LCPRT for more than 25 years. She has seen us grow and evolve as the needs of our community have grown. As Office Manager, she keeps the office running smoothly, keeping track of staff, invoices, schedules, payroll, and more. She is the designer of this brochure and our website, and somehow always finds time to help with our events. Nothing, other than her family, gives her more pleasure than when we produce a high-quality program that our community enjoys. This I know for sure.

Zuwana, our Children’s Program Coordinator for the last seven years, keeps a watchful eye over our child care programs and special activities for teens and kids. She looks at each child enrolled in KidzQuest and TeenQuest as one of “ours” and is constantly asking ‘If this were my child, what would I want for him/her in this program?’ and ‘As a mother, would I think this is a good program for my child to be involved in?’ Because her two boys have grown up participating in our programs, her motherly influence has helped to shape our children’s programs into ones that would please any parent. This I know for sure.

Tommy is our Parks and Maintenance Coordinator and he has been with this department for the last nine years. He is another dedicated employee who wants the best for the citizens of Louisa. As a lifelong Mineral resident, he loves being connected to the community and providing recreational opportunities for everyone. He wants our parks to look good and our events to go well so that people will enjoy living in Louisa County. This I know for sure.

Jonathan, who is the newest addition to our staff, has been so busy since his arrival that his first year has flown by. We have all been impressed by the energy, enthusiasm, and the organizational skills he has brought with him to the position of Recreation Supervisor. He has already added some new programs and has expanded some of our community favorites. He just loves it when he gets someone (an adult or a child) up and moving! This I know for sure.

Sonja has taken on the responsibility of promoting LCPRT and Louisa County, not just to our residents, but to visitors as well. There are as many things going on in Louisa as in cities ten times larger; we just need to let everyone know about them. She does a great job with our website and our electronic newsletters; if you haven’t already signed up for them, you really should. You will be surprised at all that is happening in Louisa. This I know for sure.

There are many other wonderful part-time staff like Jessica, Debra, Allan, Tommy, Mikey, Joe, Ora, Tim, Dylan and Dale ... all of whom do their best every day to ensure that our residents get high quality experiences and excellent customer service each and every time they deal with anything involving LCPRT. We are extremely lucky to have them! This I know for sure.

Over the last eight and a half years that I have been lucky enough to be the director of LCPRT, I have been blessed to work with these incredible individuals through the tough times (earthquake!) and the great times (new pool!). We have started new programs, opened new facilities, and even won some awards. But the thing that makes us all smile the most is when we see YOU, our Louisa family, enjoying one of our parks or programs. That’s what it’s all about for us. This I know for sure!

Jane Shelhorse

Louisa County Parks, Recreation & Tourism
P.O. Box 864 / 522 Industrial Drive - Suite A,
Louisa, Virginia 23093
(540) 967-4420 / Fax (540) 967-4450
Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.